Business Complexity and the Global Leader

Why do companies fail?  We have smart people, lots of data, lots of resources, and sometimes even a successful track record.  Can we learn something from how cities have grown, Rome prospered and fell, Sahara villages sustain (or decline), flocks of birds migrate?  Are there underlying similarities across customers who buy your stuff, people who elect leaders, fish that flee prey, termites that build mounds, and cells that build organs?

These were some of the questions discussed recently at the Business Complexity & the Global Leader Conference, hosted by The Institute for Executive Education, Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University, last week in Boston, MA.

If you are interested, you can download some of the presentations here.  Complexity is hard to describe, sometimes uncomfortable to discuss.  Sometimes, it’s frustrating if the conversation turn into nothing more than overlapping descriptions of how bad something is, or the descriptions (or solutions) seem too academic.  Somehow we managed to avoid those pitfalls during the 2.5 days of presentations, workshops and networking events.

Business is complex, and it will continue to get more so.  We have to have ways of discussing and managing this ever-growing complexity.  Are you ready?  Is your organization equipped?

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